Hello world!


I’m starting a blog with the sole intention of bringing together parents of children who have autism to help answer questions and share our stories.

It can be very lonely to be the parent of a child with autism but more than that, it’s incredibly rewarding. My son, Elijah is 3 and was recently diagnosed as being on the spectrum. He is nonverbal and has many of the compulsive tendencies associated with autism. But I choose most days to focus on what he can do, and not what he can’t. He has an amazing memory and he’s just such a joy to be around. Anyone who spends time with him just loves him.

Another reason I would like to start this blog is to help me gain knowledge in the area since I am currently in school to get a degree in Special Education, with the intent to work with children who have autism.

Please know that I am not an expert and I am here merely as someone to maybe provide some guidance or advice based on my own experiences as a special needs parent. I will be happy to help anyone with researching therapies or processes, or if anyone has questions or concerns about their upcoming IEP meeting, I would be happy to help.

Let’s be advocates for our children, because we honestly cannot expect anyone else to be.

You can follow me on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/mandrina

Or Instagram: @Mandrina02

-Mandi ❤️


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